Production Descriptions

Beyond The Pale

This is an original project that I worked on with a couple of animation students, in which we created a cinematic game trailer set in Northern Ireland during “The Troubles” conflict in the 1980’s. All the sound design and music was produced by myself with the use of a couple news recordings and sample library content.

Doom Trailer Sound Replacement

This is one of my most recent projects where I composed all of the music and constructed all of the sound design elements using samples and sounds I recorded myself. This was a good project to work on as there was a lot of very tricky sounds to produce and fit into the Doom environment. I also mixed and mastered the final product.

World Builder Animations 

This was a project were a work with 4 animation students to produce audio for their projects in a way that helps to tell the story of what is happening inside of their environments. I composed all of the music and created the sound design elements from samples and a few sounds I recorded myself. I also mixed and mastered each clip.

Pirates of the Caribbean Sound Replacement

I worked on this project with a fellow audio engineer Dustin Gartner, all of the sounds were recorded and mixed by us apart from the music track which is Fiddles McGinty by Kevin Macleod

The Arctic Sound Replacement

This project was a part of my SAE course where everyone in the class had to do a sound replacement for this trailer. Due to this I worked with a couple of audio engineers to record the Foley sound, Ash Saron, Alice Headlam, and Carissa MacFarlane, working with these engineers was a great experience which really helped all of us to produce some really good work. Apart from that all the implementation mixing and mastering was done by myself. The music tracks were from royalty free sources.

Aftermath /  Horror Game Project

This was my very first post production undertaking where I not only put audio to an animation but also made audio for the implementation inside of the Unreal 4 game engine. All of the music was composed by myself and the sound design aspects were creative with samples.

Behemoth Covers Project

This was a project for me to experiment with producing and recording Metal tracks of which I covered a few songs by the band Behemoth, this was so I could reference the sound from the 3 things as well. All of the instruments are played by myself apart from the drums, I also mixed and mastered the tracks.

Various Projects

A bunch of music tracks that I have produced for various projects, all of them are original content composed, recorded, mixed and mastered by myself.