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About Me

Who is Ryan

I first started listening to music, specifically Rock and Heavy Metal when I was around 10 years old. From that point on I developed an interest in the Electric Guitar and began to delve into the world of music composition and performance. In High School I got the opportunity to undertake a Certificate 2 in sound production and it was from that point that my life’s direction changed. Previously I wanted to go down the path of a performing musician but once I got a taste for the engineering side of the audio industry I was instantly hooked.   
I graduated from High School in 2010 and then went on to complete a Diploma in sound production in 2011. This was a very rewarding experience as I got to expand my industry knowledge further and worked with some great musicians and engineers. After that I took a break from the world of Audio for a few years to do some soul searching and find what direction I wanted to take in like, so I chose to explore my other passion which is food and cooking. I worked in the kitchen at a great family run cafe for over 5 years while still creating and recording music for myself at home when one day I decided to properly get back into Audio and complete my studying.
I left the nice quiet town of Noosa and headed into the big city to study Sound Engineering at SAE Brisbane, the leading higher education institute in Australia, where I am steadily progressing with my production skills whilst working with other talented students and learning for some of the industry's best creative minds.
Coming into SAE I originally planned on studying music based recording and mixing I had never really considered the post production and sound design side of audio engineering. I wanted to get the most out of my time at SAE so I decided to try out some post production work, it was at this point that my creative direction changed again. The sheer scope that post production covers and the amount of different creative aspects it encompasses seemed endless when I started looking into what goes on behind the scenes for things like, Film, TV shows/commercials, Animations, Games etc, it was a very eye opening experience.
So from that point I haven’t looked back and have been constantly trying to improve my post production and sound design skills, but the great thing about post production I can still work with music as well, I just have an extra set of skills that I can apply to other aspects of the audio industry.

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